The Children’s Closet has been serving our community since 1998. My family, The Earlys, are the third owners. What a blessing it is to be stewards of this amazing sale! The ability to make a difference to families and our community is so rewarding. Over the years we have donated to individuals in need and to Wings Of Grace.

What does our consignment sale mean to me?

  • It means 14 hour + days.
  • It means sore body parts, especially feet and back.
  • It means my house won’t be clean for 2 months, laundry won’t be done and meals will be takeout.
  • It means being so scatterbrained that I show up to work with a different kind of shoe on each foot!
  • It sometimes means dealing with people that just don’t understand.

What, for me, is our consignment sale all about?

  • It’s about friendships. The friendships of a “sisterhood” type camaraderie born out of a common desire to find great things for our kids and ourselves at great prices.
  • It’s about watching this “sisterhood” grow and spread from experienced mamas to brand new mommies to be.
  • It’s about sharing time with our volunteers that have become friends through their desire to be part of this fellowship…or it could just be they want to shop early to get that one-of-a-kind treasure they’re sure will be there!
  • It’s about the connections you make at the tagging tables or the cash register with the mom and dad of 5 kids thanking you for all your hard work to make it possible for them to get nice things for their kids without worrying about breaking the bank.
  • It’s about the consignor that comes to pick up her check and upon seeing the “more than she expected” amount can’t hold back the tears of joy because now she has the funds to pay that unexpected expense that just popped up. –And yes, it makes me tear up too.
  • It’s about seeing Terri Hibbert with Wings of Grace so excited to receive the donated items that she knows her clients will be so grateful for.

To sum it up, it’s about our community, our neighbors, our friends and it means everything to me.

Added bonus… Seeing the kids that have grown up with this sale learn to be more eco and financially responsible by becoming consignors themselves.


~Robin Early

   The Children’s Closet

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