Important Notes About Consigning:

DEADLINE to register online is April 1, 2019. This, also, goes for My Sister’s Closet, Mama’s and Dad’s Garage . You may register at the store during operating hours (because I won’t be working in my office, I’ll be at the store). Check the calendar for times.

Don’t forget to enter your ZIP CODE!

  • ALREADY HAVE YOUR BARCODE? – You don’t need to register again for every sale.
  • CONSIGNOR SPLIT – Consignors receive 60% of the selling price.
  • FEE – $9 will be deducted from each check per sale to help cover expenses.
  • MINIMUM – Consignors must bring no less than 25 items or larger items totalling $75+.
  • MISSING ITEMS – We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • MISSING PRICES – The Children’s Closet Sales reserves the right to price items that do not have a price.
  • REJECTED ITEMS – Any item missed at drop off not suitable for the sale will be pulled.
  • MINIMUM AGE – No one under 10 yrs may register to consign.
  • CHECK – Checks will be mailed within 2 weeks of pick up unless other wise stated.
  • PICK UP- Items not pick up will become property of The Children’s Closet.
  • AGREE – By consigning you agree with these terms.


How it Works

When you register to participate we will mail you a new consignor packet. In this packet is an example of a tag, information sheet, latest updates and a copy of the flyer with drop off dates and times. Keep this master sheet – it is your MASTER copy for this sale and all future sales! If you lose your master sheet, another copy can be sent to you for a $1 fee. We recommend you take the master sheet to Office Depot to have your copies made. Items with poorly copied cards with unscannable barcodes will not be accepted at the sale.

What You Need to Do

If you plan to participate in a sale, fill in the form above to request your barcode materials. We will mail the needed barcodes in time to tag your items for Drop Off (Please adhere to deadline). Your consignor number will not change, so barcodes will be used from sale to sale and the same number and barcodes can be used for both the Children’s Closet and My Sister’s Closet. You will need to hang clothing and tag all items. Browse the consignor section for more details.

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