Children’s Closet Sale – What to Bring**

****WE will not be accepting JUNIORS (odd sizes) at the children’s sale.  We will ONLY accept JUNIORS at My Sister’s Closet

  • Only children’s clothes.
  • Consignors must bring a minimum of 25 items or larger items totaling at least $75.
  • For size 0-6 months: Limit of 20 outfits per gender.  Updated for Spring 2015
  • Seasonal items only, please. Spring & summer items sell better at our Spring Sales. Fall & winter items sell better at our Fall Sales.
  • In accordance with the law, The Children’s Closet Sales will not accept any items containing lead or RECALLED for Children’s Closet Sale.  Check for RECALLED items.
  • Halloween costumes – season appropriate.
  • Dress up outfits.
  • Limit of 6 pairs of shoes per gender. Please choose your best to bring.
  • NEW:  Limit of 20 books.
  • Limit of 5 picture frames.
  • Bring items separated by size and gender to speed up the Drop-Off process.
  • Make sure all items you bring are clean and smell fresh. This will help them sell.
  • Please hang onesies, pj’s and t-shirts on hangers. You can pin more than one item on a hanger to justify the price.
  • Bedding sets should be packaged in large transparent plastic bags similar to what they were originally sold in.  Or neatly drapped and secured on a hanger.
  • When hanging shorts, skirts or slacks, pin them to the top part of the hanger (so they won’t slide) on both sides at the waist. Do not fold over the hanger.
  • Regarding car seats. Put the EXPIRATION date on the tag.
  • Ladies wear, juniors and maternity clothing are sold at My Sister’s Closet Sale only.
  • No juniors at the children’s sale.
clothes blankets sports equipment
toys hair bows riding toys
strollers high chairs diaper disposals
play pens car seats children’s bikes
baby beds playhouses nursery decorations
books nursery needs crib bedding (breathable bumpers only)
hats portable cribs nursing supplies
swings videos potty chairs
diaper bags pajamas changing tables
tricycles bottles bed guardrails
cups bassinets outside toys
shoes bunk beds learning materials

Restocking large children’s items during specific dates. Check the list for acceptable items.

Children’s Closet Sale – What Not to Bring

***WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT crib bumpers (will only take breathable bumpers)

  • Drop Side cribs
  • Out of date clothing; it won’t sell.
  • Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or missing parts.
  • No underwear or socks unless they are like new.
  • Any item that smells of smoke or musty.
  • Any item that is stained, torn or very worn.
  • Car seats made with in 6 years; check recalls at (800) 424-9393 or
  • No stuffed animals of any kind; no exceptions.
  • No TY products.
  • NEW:  After the fall 2014 we will no longer accept VHS videos.
  • NEW:  Juniors will NOT be accepted at the children’s sale (updated for spring 2015).  Juniors will be accepted only at My Sister’s Closet.

**Double check clothing and bedding for stains or imperfections.  We reserve the right to be selective about what is accepted.  If you wouldn’t buy it… don’t bring it.  Please don’t be offended if you have to take something back home.

Click here for general information and tagging details.

About Accepted Items

*We reserve the right to be selective about what is accepted.  All items must be checked by a volunteer at drop off before a consignor may leave.  Click here for general information and tagging details.
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