My Sister’s Closet Sale – What to Bring**

You can bring items for Mama’s Attic and Dad’s Garage at the same time you bring items for My Sister’s Closet.

  • Current styles (within 5 years) ladies and junior wear (00-plus sizes).
  • Please size s,m,l items with the numeric equivalent.  Such as: S/4-6, M/8-10, L/12-14, XL/16, 1X/18-20, 2X/22-24, 3X/26+
  • Junior size clothing (odd sizes).  JXS/00-1, JS/3-5, JM/7-9, JL/11-13, JXL/15+
  • Maternity and scrub maybe sized S,M,L,XL.
  • Minimimum of 25 items or larger items totalling at least $75.
  • Seasonal items only, please. Spring & summer items sell better at our Spring Sales. Fall & winter items sell better at our Fall Sales.
  • Formals
  • Purses, belts, scarves, etc.
  • Limit of 8 pairs of shoes per consignor. Please choose your best to bring. (Do Not present in bags.) Zip tie tag to one shoe if possible but DON’T zip tie shoes together.
  • Jewelry will be accepted at the consignor’s risk.
  • Clothes must be clean and smell fresh.
  • We ask that zippers be zipped and buttons buttoned to help items stay on hangers.
  • Please hang skirts and pants on gripper hangers to make trying on easier. If you must, pin to the top part of a wire hanger to avoid sliding.
  • Current styles, designer and name brands sell best.

My Sister’s Closet Sale – What Not to Bring

  • We will not accept moldy, stained, torn, worn or out of date items.
  • Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or missing parts.
  • Any item that smells of smoke or musty.
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Socks/hosiery (unless new in package)
  • Underwear
  • Men’s wear and men’s shoes


About Accepted Items

*We reserve the right to be selective about what is accepted.  All items must be checked by a volunteer at drop off before a consignor may leave.  Click here for general information and tagging details.  
General Tagging & Pricing Instructions
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