The Highlights:

  • MINIMUM of 25 items or larger items totaling $75.
  • Even DOLLAR amounts Only  No .50 or .25.
  • $2 MINIMUM
  • NO inventory lists required.


How to Hang & Packaging Your Items

Puzzles & Games

  • When securing puzzles and games use blue painters tape and/or Saran Wrap so not to damage the piece when removing the tape.  Use on book as well to secure the tag.

Hanging Clothes

  • Place clothing items on a hanger with hook facing left, like a question mark.
  • For clothing, attach the card at the top right of the item with a safety pin in the upper 1″ blank area. (we can’t accept straight pins or staples.)

Children’s Shoes

  • Attach tags and keep shoes together using zip ties, ribbon or string. If that’s not possible place children’s shoes in Ziploc bag with tag attached to the outside.

Women’s Shoes

  • When bringing shoes to My Sister’s Closet Sale (this does not apply to Children’s Closet Sale), please do not put them in plastic bags. They are hard to see and don’t sell well when presented this way. Put a piece of tape (not another tag) with your consignor number on the shoes without the tag. Also, use a good description stating color, brand and any distinctive details, such as “Black, Nine West flats with gold medallion.” Best way to secure tags is with a zip tie, if possible. Step 1: put a strong piece of tape over the top of the tag, so tag won’t easily rip. Step 2: Hole punch through the tape. Step 3: put zip tie through the hole securing it to a loop on one shoe. DON’T zip tie shoes together. If there’s no way to use a zip tie, use a strong piece of tape and secure tag on the inside sole of one shoe.

Toys & Other Items

  • For toys or other items, attach the card with tape or tied with ribbon/ zip tie, making sure that the card can be removed but still stay secure to the item.

Pieces & Parts

  • Multi piece items such as toys and clothing: put a piece of tape with your consignor number on the pieces without the tag in case they get separated.  Don’t use another tag with your barcode (causes confusion at check out).
  • Tape toys in zip bags at the top to keep little fingers for opening them and separating them from their tag.


How to Price & Tag Your Items

  • Make copies at OFFICE DEPOT or professional LASER printer (so barcodes will scan) on CARDSTOCK using the master barcode copy we provide when you register. Please KEEP your master copy for future use. There is a $1 fee to print and mail you a replacement copy.
  • Treat your tags like money because they are what you get paid from.  Please print clearly and follow the proper format.  There is a reason for our method.
  • Price must be in even dollar increments only and placed in the bottom right corner.  (Incorrect: $1.25, $0.75) $2 minimum.
  • ND means No Discount. If you put ND on your card, your item will remain full price.  This must be placed at the bottom left corner so that it’s visible when we cut tags at the time of purchase.
  • Use good descriptions on tags such as: boy “Old Navy” long sleeve blue shirt or girls 2 piece pink fleece dress with matching hat. Remember to put a piece of tape (not another tag) with your consignor number on the 2nd piece.
  • When deciding how much to price your items, ask yourself “what would I pay for this item at a consignment sale?” If you still need help there is a price guide you can reference at  Search “price guide”.


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